Retirement planning and wealth management are a lot like mountain climbing. It might be possible for you to reach the destination without any help – but there’s no guarantee you’ll take the best path or have enough supplies for the whole journey. You need a sherpa on the mountain – and in your financial life. Our team is up for the task.

Each of these individuals joined the Chepenik Financial family because they share our passion for serving with integrity and going beyond the norm to help our clients achieve their goals.

Barney Chepenik


Jason Chepenik

Managing Partner

Jennifer Kruger

Director of Private Client Services

Pamela Cote

Chief of Staff

Jorge Pereira

Director of Participant Education

Christian Campen

Senior Consultant

Joe DeBello

Retirement Plan Consultant

Courtney Gladden

Marketing Manager

Collin Gauntlett

Retirement Resources Coordinator

Lauren Bloom

Education Consultant Contractor

Sebastian Chepenik

Canine in Chief

Industry Resources